Films and Pelis is a classic movie festival which has

taken place on June 2018 in Barcelona. The project consisted in designing all the graphic identity

of the festival. 

The chosen concept for this festival graphic identity

is based on the introduction of color on films. That was one of the most relevant advances of the cinematographic history, which took place thanks

to the Technicolor camera of three colors; the light

passed through the lens and divided into green,

red and blue.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

/ Branding, Editorial


Egyptians believed the humanity's history moved

forward following the cycles of different Zodiac symbols.

According to them, we are now living in the Aquarius

era, which, as they believed, is the era of floodings.

The seas start to rise and cover all the earth.

This project consisted in the creation of a neoreligion

that follows the egiptians beliefs. The answers of this

new movement will always be in the night sky, where

all stars and constellations can be seen.

For this reason, all the branding is based in the circular constellation maps, using them as a base grid for each graphic application. The sky will also justify the color palette, governed basically by black and white.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

 Designed together with Alba Eiriz

/ Branding, Editorial, Icon Design

Microfibres No

Microfibres is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about a still very unknown threat: microfibers, really

small plastics coming from synthetic clothes that arrive

to the seas, acting as pollutants that can lead animals

to their death.

The objective of the campaign is to inform about this problem and to provide solutions through an illustrated story. Furthermore, a new symbol has been designed

for the traditional labeling system, to warn that a cloth contains microfibers.

/ Illustration, Branding, Editorial, Advertising

Crime Novel Covers

This is a design proposal for three crime novel covers. Each story begins with the death of one or several characters. This was the characteristic chosen

to become the design concept. On each book cover

are written the main characters of each novel, of which

the dead ones are crossed out. Moreover, the writing

is handmade, simulating the notes of a detective.

Regarding the book color, the idea was to literally represent the "black novels" with a black book design.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

/ Editorial


This project has born out of the need to update

the identity of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, a cultural

event which takes place yearly in Barcelona.

The event renews its image every year. Our proposal

for 2019 is a clear message against the objectification

and commodification of women. To do this, we take

as a starting point the supermarket and its packaged

products. The idea is to create an irony taking

the supermarket typical aesthetics to develop

all the new 080 branding.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

 Designed together with Laura Gispert

/ Branding

Simon Icons

Following the icon system designed by Forma for Simon Company, I had to develop several more icons for home devices in China. 

/ Icon Design

Barcelona Postcards

This is a design proposal of some postcards for the city

of Barcelona. The postcards represent two different catalan traditions: Els Castellers, people who build

human towers normally at festivals in Catalonia, and Calçots, a typical food similar to onion.

The project idea was to represent the same concept directed to both children and adults. The resulting

design consists on two different kinds of drawings that remind of the target towards which they are directed.

/ Illustration

Decidim App

This project aims to rethink the process of citizen participation proposed in Decidim Barcelona,

a platform for participative democracy that allows

the citizens of Barcelona to participate in the future

of their city, and to enable a more numerous and quality participation. The solution has been raised through

a user-centered design process.
We have materialized the design in two graphic

interfaces: an application and a screen. We have

focused on developing an intuitive, fast and visually appealing platform, so that it does not go unnoticed

by our user and encourages him to use it.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

 Designed together with Alba Eiriz and Lluis Beso

/ App, UX/UI, Branding

Icons for Decidim App

Together with the design of the App for Decidim, an icon system was developped. This way we made sure that

they followed the design style that we were carrying out and at the same time we achieved a coherence between them. They are linear icons, each of them represented with the minimum possible elements.
At this point we also developped 4 smileys with different factions. These would be the avatars that users could choose for their profile picture. Little by little we ended

up using these smileys also as part of the language and tone of our application; In some cases they come along with messages or notifications, and give the platform

a nice and fun touch.
In addition, these smileys that provide the application

with some originality, allow the user to maintain

his anonymity on the platform.

/ Icon Design

La Casera

La Casera Space is a new place that allows people

to interact, and not through a screen, not through social media, but face to face. This space is a place to cook,

a perfect opportunity to collaborate, have fun, learn

and share moments together. An ideal spot where you can switch off from your busy life and share a meal.

La Casera Space has been designed as a concpetual shop for La Casera, a spanish soda water. The movements and distortions of this drink served

as our main inspiration for the brand identity and they have been applied throughout all facets of the graphic, space and products designed.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

 Designed together with Pau Trullàs

/ Branding, Packaging


Peluts is a street-food company based in Barcelona.

This brand sells snacks for dogs in some parks

of the city. Its main objective is to make Barcelona

a more adapted city for pets. Peluts has a friendly

and close tone, and it uses the humor as a lenguage

for the brand design.

We think that going on a walk with your dog is an important activity, since it helps with your pet well-being. With Peluts we want to motivate people to go out more frequently with their dogs, to help them grow up in

a healthier way.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

 Designed together with Laura Gispert

/ Branding, Packaging

The 10x10 Game

The 10x10 is a game designed to make your little kids learn quicker the basic concepts that surround us,

and how to differentiate them. Based in the Montessori method, a child-centered educational approach based

on scientific observations of children from birth

to adulthood, this game is specially thought-out

for a good mental exercicing of the kid, so that he can develop his mind and knowledge playing by his own. 

The game consists of 5 animal pieces and 5 food

pieces, 10 classifying cards and 2 wooden platforms.

The kid, with the help of an adult, has to classify the pieces onto the two platforms following the words

written on the cards.

*Selected project for a university exhibiton

 Designed together with Gal·la Millà

/ Packaging, Product


As a hobby, I also like to take photos. I normally

do it when I travel, to capture everything that strikes

me and that maybe I will never see again.

I usually shot with a Lumix GH3, a Sony Alpha 7

and an iPhone 7.

On the left is shown a short selection of the photos

I've taken. To see more, click bellow: