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InPhoto Festival app

The ultimate app for photo enthusiasts


InPhoto Festival



Worked with

Rachael Fong-Gurzinsky


Culture & leisure


UX Design


UI Design


Best UX/UI Final Project

InPhoto Festival app has been created for photography lovers who need a place to have all their photography-related content and refer to it easily. This app allows the users to have information about upcoming photography events, to scan photos to learn more about them, and to save their favourite content.

One of the biggest challenges we encountered while working on the project was to redefine the information architecture of the app. It was important for the user to have an intuitive and simplified way of finding all the content. On the other hand, we improved the discover page to fulfil the users' needs by personalising the content regarding their interests, and we redesigned the events page by making it bolder and showing each festival brand identity.

The app has a very neutral interface, with a black and white color palette and a simple typography choice. Thus we allow the photography to shine, and to be the color and life of the design. We also added a bright orange to use as an accent on specific occasions where there is a lack of photographic content. 

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