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Les Caves de Reuilly

Digitizing a wine shop experience


Les Caves de Reuilly

(student project)



Worked with

Rachael Fong-Gurzinsky

Maxime Thio


Wine e-shop


UX Design



UI Design

Les Caves de Reuilly is a small neighborhood wine shop. It is located on a popular commercial street in the city of Paris. It was founded by Julien and Anne-Marie a few weeks ago. We contacted Julien to design an e-commerce store based on his clients and his business needs.

During the research phase, we saw how important it was for the owners to sell their wine thinking about each occasion and each client needs. On the other hand, the users we talked to really valued the feeling of buying products that have been carefully selected by the seller, to have a recommendation that they can trust, and also to discover new wines. We tried to translate all these needs by creating an e-commerce with a meal pairing tool, which will allow the seller to give his recommendations through the website, and the clients to feel the confidence they are buying what they were searching for.

The UI was defined to reinforce the feeling of something natural, warm and trustworthy. We chose soft colors that remind of the wine and grape fields, and a serif typography for headlines to transmit the expertise of the shop owners.

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