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Make a move app

A fitness app for free riders


Student project



Worked with

Brynja Bjarnadóttir




UX Design



UI Design

Make a move is an app designed for users that need schedule flexibility and a personalised exercise guidance. This app intends to engage the users by better defining their goals and reaching them faster. 

Throughout the UX process we could identify that the main user problems were the lack of motivation and the lack of a fitness routine that fulfil their needs. Thanks to this, we could better define the features our app should have, which include logging their information and activity to get a more personalised workout routine, define their goals and make their own exercises, among others.

Determinant, motivating, fresh and active are the concepts that led us to design the UI. We chose a bright color palette, and used it in a very controlled way. We gave the typography a bold and clear look to reinforce these concepts. We also designed the logo, which represents activity and dynamism.

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